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~Phil Robinson


Phil Robinson


Phil Robinson is a retired entrepreneur and master of the martial arts. When he is not writing, he teaches Tai Chi and Chinese philosophy at Kennesaw State University in metro Atlanta. As an avid dog lover, he champions the cause of homeless pets. When not writing or teaching, you will find Phil in his cabin in the South Carolina Mountains with his wife and five dogs.

To contact Mr. Robinson: phil@robinsontaichi.com

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Do you know someone that grew up in the ‘60s? If so, ask them to tell you their Volkswagen story. For sure, everyone who came through the ‘60s has had at least one experience in a Volkswagen…the little motor in the back…. cold in the winter, hot in the summer…first love, maybe?

In 1969, four young men who had been recently discharged from the military met in a bar in San Diego. They decided to pool their money, buy an old VW van and tour the country on the way home.

Re-live this trip with the “fearsome foursome” as they traveled the nation in a beat up van, finding adventure that runs the gamut from funny and poignant to downright dangerous.

The experiences they had on this trip would change them forever and had much to do with the outcome of the rest of their lives as evidenced when, in present day, the main character, a former Marine named Robby McLeod, buys a restored VW van and tracks down his traveling companions of 40 years ago.

This Volkswagen story encompasses romance, action and adventure, and a dose of reflection and enlightenment that all began on that journey home.

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Tai Chi the way of Balance in an Unbalanced World

Much effort has been taken to give the reader a complete guide to Tai Chi in a language that is uncomplicated and yet very detailed. This book is like none of the other books about Tai Chi you have ever seen. This book, written through the eyes of a Master raised in the South, not only tells you of the history and origin of Tai Chi, but explains how Tai Chi can be such a positive influence in your life. The breathing, the relaxation, the harmony, the exercise, the philosophy, the self-defense, the health and healing created in ancient China all come together in this book as a means to benefit you today. This is a must read for everyone, from the complete novice to the experienced in Tai Chi.

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A Spiritual Guide to Tai Chi…and Life

We all have a common denominator. We all would like something easy to follow that could make a difference in the quality of our lives. This book does just that. Mr. Robinson takes us on a journey back in time where we explore the minds of the wisest in ancient times. Although written for the Tai Chi student, Mr. Robinson makes it clear the Tao Te Ching can be a guide for everyone. This is one of those books you can't put down and will find yourself referring to it for years to come.

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